Raise Hands to Hit a Fade, Golf Tip

Raise your hand if you’d like to hit a reliable fade. Actually, raise both hands. Yep, it’s as simple as that.

Golfers who naturally draw the ball often have a hard time playing a left-to-right shot when needed. They struggle off the tee on dogleg-right holes, and must aim away from the flag when it’s tucked on the green’s right side. And woe is them when a high fade over or around a tree is called for.

In fact, golfers who favor a draw often find double trouble when setting up for a fade. They do everything right at address – align feet and body left of target, aim clubface at the target – and make their normal swing. The ball starts on line, but turns left and low instead of right and high.

Sound familiar? If so, there’s an easy fix. Just follow these steps:

  • Take your normal setup over the ball, aligning body and club for a fade.

  • Move your hands slightly higher, i.e., away from your body. This reduces the angle between the arms and shaft.

  • This will raise the level of your shoulders, putting you in a “taller” address position.

  • Make your normal swing.

Higher hands lead to a more upright swing plane and decrease the “whip” in your release. Your angle of attack will be more down the line, rather than inside-to-out, and the clubface won’t shut so severely on impact.

Now, raise your hands if you’re ready to get your fade on.