Perfect Your Golf Swing 101-110

    Correct Wrist Bend for Close in Pitch Shot - Golf Tip

    1. Correct Wrist Bend for Close in Pitch Shot - Golf Tip

    The ability to pitch the ball accurately and consistently is not something that is possessed by most golfers. In fact, pitching the ball is one of the areas of the game that gives the average player the most trouble. his is a problem, obviously, because pitching comes up in basically every round – and often, it comes up several times per round.

    Limit Backswing Sway to Increase Power, Golf Swing Tip

    2. Limit Backswing Sway to Increase Power, Golf Swing Tip

    Increased power is something that every golfer would sign up for in a heartbeat. Power is helpful in a number of ways on the golf course, whether you are trying to hit longer drives or move your club head through the rough to get your ball back to the fairway. No matter what your motivation happens to be for finding more power, you will need to optimize your technique if you wish to add speed at the bottom of your swing. Powerful golfers not only are able to make a fast turn through the ball, they are also able to execute quality fundamentals time after time.

    How Should the Clubhead Feel During the Golf Swing?

    3. How Should the Clubhead Feel During the Golf Swing?

    Golf is a feel game. Despite a recent movement toward a more analytical approach to swinging the club, the best players remain the ones who can feel the position of the club head at all times during the swing. That isn't to say that analyzing your swing and trying to improve mechanics is a waste of time – not at all. In reality, a blend of the two approaches is likely to lead to the greatest amount of success. If you can learn how to improve your swing from a technical standpoint while still maintaining great feel in your hands, you will be on a path toward some excellent golf.

    Improve Ballstriking with Miller’s Top Golf Drill

    4. Improve Ballstriking with Miller’s Top Golf Drill

    To today's generation of golfers, Johnny Miller is known as an opinionated commentator who can always be counted on to offer a strong perspective regarding the shots hit by the best players in the world. While Miller has created an extremely successful second career for himself in the announcing booth, he was first a top touring professional. Miller won 25 times on the PGA Tour, recording victories in two major championships along the way. He was the PGA Tour Player of the Year in 1974, and he is now a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame.

    What Is the Golf Swing Path?

    5. What Is the Golf Swing Path?

    Golf is a game that could have a dictionary all to itself. While the game might seem simple at first blush – get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible – it is actually rather complicated. As you gain experience in the game of golf, you will learn more and more about the small details that make up the swing, the rules, course design, and more. One of the things that has helped golf become so incredibly popular is the fact that it can never be completely understood or mastered. No matter how good you are or how much golf you have played, there will always be more to learn.

    Chipping Tips, From Just Off the Green How to Chip Golf Tip

    6. Chipping Tips, From Just Off the Green How to Chip Golf Tip

    Chipping is a critical skill in the game of golf. Despite the fact that it is largely ignored by most amateur golfers, chipping has a lot to do with the score you post at the end of the day. Players who chip the ball consistently close to the hole will always have a great chance to get up and down. Those who struggle with chipping, however, will find that most of their missed greens turn into bogeys – or worse. If you would like to take strokes off of your average score, working on your chipping is one of the fastest ways to see results.

    Golf Swing Tempo

    7. Golf Swing Tempo

    The tempo of your golf swing is one of the key ingredients to hitting successful shots. Since most players overlook the importance of tempo – instead focusing on other fundamentals like stance, grip, and posture – you stand a great chance to gain on your competition by working on this crucial part of the game. Not only can a good tempo help you produce solid shots on the driving range, it can also do wonders for your ability to perform under pressure out on the course. As you know, it is much more difficult to hit good shots on the course than it is on the range, but you can largely conquer that problem through the use of an excellent tempo.

    Keep the Shaft and Left Arm In Line for a Wide Takeaway, Golf Swing Tip

    8. Keep the Shaft and Left Arm In Line for a Wide Takeaway, Golf Swing Tip

    Which golfers should have a wide take away? Not all golfers should work on having a wide take away. Because the club will be swinging further away from the body it will feel heavier to the golfer. Therefore, it's imperative that you are able to support the golf club first, as it swings away from you and second, at the top of the back swing. If you are a tall person or have long arms in proportion to your body it might benefit you to swing the club back widely rather than set the club early. The idea being that the club will be a swung long way from the ball because of your natural height or arm length, and thus will benefit from gravity on the downswing.

    What is a Knock-Down Golf Shot?

    9. What is a Knock-Down Golf Shot?

    There are a number of different shots that are needed if you are going to move your ball around the course successfully round after round. Golf would be relatively easy – and pretty boring – if you could just hit the same kind of shot all the time. It is the variety of the game that makes golf interesting, but it also means that you need to be well-prepared to hit all of the various shots necessary. Many golfers struggle for years just to hit a 'standard' shot, so they never move on to working on adding variety to their games. This is a mistake. Even if you don't yet have great control over your full swing, you should still work on learning how to hit other shots during your practice sessions. These shots will not only help you get your ball around the course, but they may also help you discover changes that need to be made to your full swing.

    Are You Taking the Golf Club Back Far Enough?

    10. Are You Taking the Golf Club Back Far Enough?

    Making a long swing is one of the key ingredients to hitting powerful shots. Every golfer would like to hit the ball farther, and swinging the club back as far as you can – while remaining in control – will help you do just that. Of course, the golf swing is a little more complicated than just making a long swing. If you simply try to make the longest swing possible while ignoring your other fundamentals, you are almost certainly going to be disappointed with the results. Instead, you should work on making a long swing while also checking off a number of other fundamental 'boxes'. For a demonstration of this concept, just look to the best players on the PGA Tour. They make long swings, but they also have the other fundamentals required to lead to great ball striking.