Get-Hip-to-Proper-Golf-Swing-Rotation A

Rotation in the golf swing isn’t limited to the shoulders and hips. The arms must rotate correctly, too, in order to produce long, accurate shots.

This is especially important during the downswing. If you fail to rotate (aka release) the arms and hands through the shot, you’ll invariably slice or push the ball. The key is timing this rotation so that the clubface is square to the target and traveling at max speed at impact.

Proper arm rotation isn’t just a matter of rolling the arms over as you come into the ball. Ideally, it’s a natural by-product of a sound, efficient swing – the lower body transfers weight to your left to begin the downswing sequence, pulling the torso, shoulders, arms and club along for the ride.

Here’s a drill that will teach you to feel the correct arm rotation throughout the golf swing:

  • Using a mid-iron or similar club, place your top hand in its normal spot on the grip and your bottom hand on the shaft, a few inches below the handle.
  • Without addressing a ball, swing halfway back. Your left arm should be straight, the right arm bent.
  • Now swing into the follow-through. The goal is to straighten both arms as they pass hip height. This requires a strong rolling action of the right arm across the left. Make sure your shoulders are turning through toward the target as well.
  • After several repetitions, move your bottom hand up to touch the bottom of the grip and repeat the drill. Then move the bottom hand closer to the top, make another half-dozen swings, and finish with the hands side by side, baseball style.
  • Finally, assume your normal golf grip and make a few more swings. You should feel the same rotation of the right and left arms.

Remember to turn the hips and shoulders while transferring weight properly during this drill. You want the arms doing their part without taking over the entire swing.