Causes And Cures Of Restricted Follow Through, Golf Swing Tip

It’s the classic pose most people envisage when picturing their favorite golfers, up on the back toe, weight forward on the front foot, belt, and chest and eyes facing the target in a fully balanced position.

This flowing follow through is indicative of an effortless swing in which every body movement works in sequence. Although the body movements after impact don’t actually have an effect on the ball flight they give key indications as to what has gone before. Golfers who struggle with a restricted follow through could be suffering from a number of different swing problems.
Hip Restriction
During the down swing, players want their hips to rotate towards the target, turning through the ball and delivering power to the shot. If the hips are somehow restricted in their movement, the follow through will also be restricted.
To ensure the hips are able to turn freely, players should first ensure their feet are in the correct position at address, and in particular, the left foot. The left foot needs to be splayed outward about 45 degrees in relation to the ball to target line. This splaying of the toe ensures the left knee and hip are not restricted when rotating through the ball.
Arm Extension
To ensure a fully flowing follow through, players should extend their arms through impact until the arms and club point down at the target line. If the arms crumple through impact and don’t straighten, golfers can suffer with thinned and topped shots and a limited follow through. To ensure this doesn’t happen, players should try to ensure the arms and club extend fully though impact, striking down and through the ball with an iron, taking a divot.
Poor Posture
To swing freely through the ball, many different body parts need to work in synchronization. It’s imperative, therefore, the posture is as strong and flexible as possible. One major posture fault which could cause a restricted follow through is when the hips ‘tuck under’ the body. When the hips tuck under and are not pushed back, it is very hard for them to turn freely through. To ensure this doesn’t happen, golfers should ensure the hips are pushed outward and not tucked underneath the body.

There are a number of technical problems which could cause a restricted follow through but there are also physical limitations. To help ensure a full follow through, golfers need a certain amount of flexibility, especially in the lower back and hamstrings. There are a number different stretches and exercises people can attempt to increase their flexibility, although medical advice should be sought before attempting any.