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No one has ever mastered golf, and it’s a near certainty that no one ever will. Ironically, that’s a big part of the game’s appeal. Playing golf means constantly seeking ways to improve.

That could mean fixing a swing flaw, shoring up a weak part of your game, or learning how to play a new type of shot. Ideally, you’ll spend more time on the latter two areas than the first.

To that end, the best thing you can do is develop a “low-maintenance” swing built on sound fundamentals, big-muscle movements and consistent tempo. Think of your swing as a machine: the fewer moving parts it has, the more efficient and less likely to break down it will be. And when something does go wrong, it’ll be easier to locate and correct the problem.

Turn your swing into a low-maintenance model of efficiency by focusing on these keys:

  • Proper fundamentals: Specifically, you need a good grip, a balanced and stable stance, correct posture and consistent alignment (aim). Everything else flows from there.
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  • Big-muscle control: Instead of using the arms and hands to power the swing, engage your hips, torso (core) and shoulders – aka the “big muscles.” You’ll not only generate more power and greater distance, you’ll strike the ball well and hit accurate shots consistently.
    • Tempo and balance: Tempo or rhythm isn’t the speed the club travels but the overall pace of the swing. There’s no right or wrong tempo for everyone, but there is a right one for you. Tempo goes hand in hand with balance, and those who excel at both are typically the best ballstrikers. The classic feet-together drill is an unbeatable way to develop and maintain these two critical fundamentals.

    No matter how well you may be playing at a given time, never stop working on these basics. Pro golfers constantly monitor their fundamentals to make sure nothing gets out of whack. On every trip to the range, make a point to check your grip, stance, posture and alignment, and utilize the feet-together drill or similar tip to maintain your tempo and balance.

    You may never conquer the game, but you can become a well-oiled golf machine.