While iron shots should be struck with a descending blow to increase backspin, the opposite is true for tee shots with the driver.

A swing path that delivers an ascending strike – in other words, hitting the ball on the upswing – takes spin off the ball and increases distance.

While the optimum launch angle and spin vary for each golfer based on clubhead and ball speed, the average golfer gets the most distance with a launch of 13-15° and spin in the range of 3,300-3,600 RPM. You’ll need a driver with the right amount of loft (an online fitting at can help), but making major swing adjustments isn’t necessary.

Achieving an upward blow with the driver is all about the address position. Try these tactics when setting up:

1. Tee the ball so that at least half of it is above the top line of the clubface.

2. Stand so that the insides of both feet are as wide as the outsides of the shoulders.

3. With the left toe flared out slightly, position the ball in line with your left heel.

4. Place about 60 percent of your weight on the right foot and make sure the right shoulder is a little below the left.

A normal swing from this address will produce higher drives that spin less and travel farther.