3 Long Drive Swing Techniques

    As you work on adding distance to your drives, you will likely be happy with the results you achieve from a better chest turn. But why stop there? You have other options at your disposal when trying to chase down extra yards, including the keys listed below.

  • Master a great launch angle. The launch angle you use on your drives will have a lot to say about how far the ball winds up travelling in the end. To find a suitable launch angle, tee the ball high and place it near the front of your stance when swinging a driver. Too many golfers play with the ball back in their stance on the driver, which is a mistake that is going to lead to excessive backspin. You only want a moderate amount of backspin on your drives, as a high spin rate is going to lead to a ballooning ball flight and a loss of distance. Get comfortable hitting up on the ball through impact and you can reduce your spin rate while optimizing your launch angle.
  • Play a draw. Simply put, a draw is going to go farther than a fade in most situations. This Learning to turn the ball over from right to left is one of the best ways to add a few yards to your drives without making any other changes. Ideally, you will be able to use a draw as your primary ball flight, while keeping a fade in your ‘back pocket’ for certain occasions.
  • Relax. Trying too hard is never helpful in golf. If you want to hit long drives, one of the best things you can do is to simply relax a bit and make a free swing. You aren’t going to hit long drives by tightening your muscles and trying to force the action. Relax, take a deep breath before making your swing, and let the rotation of your body supply the power.
  • You don’t want to go overboard in your pursuit of added power in the golf swing. With that said, there is nothing wrong with chasing a few extra yards, especially if those yards don’t come at the expense of your control over the golf ball. We hope the discussion in this article will help you use your chest rotation more effectively than ever before. Good luck!