When To Start Wrist Hinge To Create More Power For Senior Golfers

    During this swing tip we are going to discuss when to start to hinge your wrist to create more power during your golf swing.

    Power is crucial for any golfer to create as the more power you swing your golf club with, the faster the club head will move and the faster the club head moves when it strikes the golf ball, the further you will hit your golf shots.

    Take up your address position, with the correct hold, posture and ball position. Create a well balanced start position. From here, if you hinge your wrist immediately as you swing the club away from the ball, your club head will travel too vertically during your backswing, producing a very upright swing that uses your arms predominantly. This will reduce the amount of shoulder turn that you are able to generate and therefore reduce the power within your golf swing. Swinging predominantly with your arms will produce a very steep angle for the club head to travel back down towards the ball at and as a result, you will also tend to hit the top of the golf ball.

    Conversely, if you swing away from your address position and do not hinge your wrists until very late in your backswing, you will find it very hard to keep your left arm (if you are a right handed golfer) straight and extended at the top of your backswing. Keeping your left arm straight throughout your backswing is crucial for creating power as it means the club head has to travel on the widest swing arc around you and therefore it gives you the most time to pick up speed as you swing back down towards the golf ball.

    Hinging very late causes a flopping action with the club at the top of your backswing where your left arm collapses and the club points down towards the ground which is incorrect and the largest swing arc is not obtained.

    To hinge your wrists correctly, you need to initiate your backswing movement from your left shoulder (right handed golfer). Move your left arm and the golf club away from the ball as one unit. Once your hands are across or in front of your right thigh, begin to hinge your wrists so that the club head rises up from the target line. By the time your hands are hip height and the club shaft is pointing away from the target to the right and parallel to the target line, the club head should be as high as your hands.

    You can check you are hinging your wrists correctly by using a mirror or reflection to the right of you as you set up. From your address position, look to the right at your reflection. Move the club towards the reflection and when your left arm is pointing directly at the reflection, the club head should be covering your hands so that you cannot see them.

    You have now started your wrist hinge correctly and will create the maximum power possible during your golf swing, helping you to hit your longest golf shots.