Proper Swing Use Of Your Fingers - Senior Golf Tip 1

    The golf grip is a hugely important part of the golf swing but much of the time the pressure in the fingers is the important key in controlling the golf club.

    When putting the hands on the golf club, take proper care to ensure that the fingers are placed in the correct position. This allows the golfer to feel and understand where the pressure in the fingers should be. When putting the top hand on the golf club (left hand for right handed players and right hand for left handed players) the thumb should be positioned pointing approximately down the top centre of the golf club. When the fingers close around the club, the pressure of holding the club should be noticeable only in the top three fingers (middle, ring and little fingers). This provides a secure grip on the club but allows the top hand to relax and direct the golf club through the golf ball. The index finger is then freely available to connect with the bottom hand via the index finger and turn the two hands into one unit.

    The bottom hand (right for right handed players and left for left handed players) is placed so that in the main it is the middle two fingers that hold the golf club with a small amount of pressure. The index finger and thumb rest lightly in a ‘hook’ around the bottom part of the grip and the little finger links the two hands together. This means that the index finger and thumb can be loose on the club but still hold it securely giving the golfer ‘feel’ through the swing. The middle two fingers of the bottom hand are where the pressure of the grip is contained and secures the bottom hand on the golf club.

    With the hands in their correct position, the important fingers involved in the golf swing are the index finger and thumb of the bottom hand. As already discussed, they create a ‘hook’ in which they control the club and it is this secure but relaxed position that the golfer gains the ‘feel’ of the golf swing. Check the position at the end of the backswing. The club should rest securely on top of the ‘v’ where the thumb and finger touch very much like a snooker cue in a rest. This position gives the golfer a sense of where the golf club and the club face are at that point. At impact, the finger and thumb provide all of the feedback, or feel, of the strike of the ball as they direct the club face through the impact area. At this point, they pick up all of the vibrations of impact with the ball as they pass up through the shaft of the golf club and into the hands.

    For ultimate ‘feel’ and the ability to control the club face through the swing, make sure that the grip is positioned well on the golf club and the pressure is applied through the correct fingers to gain feel through the bottom hand and it's index finger and thumb.