Use Angles for Better Golf Course Management, Golf Tip

Just because you tend to slice or hook the ball doesn't mean you're doomed to play from trouble on every hole. Sideways shots can still find the fairway if you learn to use angles to your advantage.

If you tend to play from the center of the tee box and aim down the middle, you're not utilizing the full width of the fairway. For example, a left-to-right shot is almost certain to miss the fairway unless it starts down the left side.

If you tend to slice, try this (and simply reverse sides if you hook the ball):

Tee your ball on the right side of the box and aim far enough left that your usual fade or slice will hit the fairway. Since the ball will naturally roll in the direction it flies, this might mean aligning at the left center of the fairway, the rough's edge, or even directly at trouble depending on the hole's width. Take into account the slope of the fairway, too.

The same concept applies on shots to the green.

Tee your ball on the right sideIt’s best, of course, to work on straightening out your shots. But until you fix that slice or hook, make the most of it with smart golf course management.