Start To Get Closer With Your Golf Wedges 1

You have a shot on the golf course just off the green and you are unsure about which club to choose, so you choose your most lofted wedge and attempt to hit the miracle shot on to the green, knowing full well this may only pay off a couple of times out of 10.

You make the wrong club choice and this costs you dearly. You end up missing the green or messing up your shot, resulting in a larger score than you desired. Sound familiar? Then knowing which wedge and shot choice to pick is crucial to making sure you accurately improve your golf game and overall score.

Fault - Choosing the incorrect club or type of shot for the golf shot in hand is problematic. Resorting to the most glamorous club choice, instead of the most practical and effective club for the job in hand is not the best option. Another problem is not being able to accurately figure out the best plan of attack for the shot and therefore you choose the incorrect club and shot type.

Cure - The important aspects to take into consideration are the golf course elements that we have to contend with when presented with any shot around the green. What does the golf ball need to get over? A bunker, rough, hazard, trees or any other elements? Where is the pin in relation to the positioning on the green? Is it at the front so we have to stop the ball quickly or is it at the back where we can afford to roll the ball to the flag? Is the green receptive enough to stop the golf ball quickly?

Key tip - Make the golf course force you into taking a high risk shot on rather than playing the sensible and simple method to get the golf ball close to the hole.

Ideally, we want to play the shot with the least amount of loft on the club so that we can use less power on the golf swing to be more accurate when hitting shots into the flag. The less lofted golf clubs can be used to keep the ball lower rather than allowing the golf ball to be affected by outside elements such as the wind or other conditions.

Also, the least amount of power we have to use when hitting a short golf shot, the less that can actually go wrong if we do not hit the golf ball correctly. If you happen to hit the golf ball incorrectly with a great deal of power and club head speed, the likeness of the shot becoming more destructive is very possible. This is why, if possible, playing the lower lofted shot with less power can be much more beneficial.

If you happen to contact the golf ball incorrectly when applying a small amount of power, the golf shot will not be as destructive and can still end up finishing close to the intended target.