Playing Golf In the Wind

Let the Wind be “Your Friend”

What makes golf one of the most challenging and enjoyable games to play is that every day is different. Some days will have ideal golf weather while others, less than ideal. And most likely, there will always be a variance of wind. Here are a few things to consider when playing in the wind.

  • Like we’ve discussed in previous tips, golf is largely a mental game. Managing a lot of the “internal” talk that goes on is instrumental to playing your best. And playing in the wind, is no exception. When you notice there is going to be lots of wind during your round, try to think positive. “Befriend” the wind.

  • One of the ways that the wind can be “your friend” is when you are playing golf down-wind. The holes will be much shorter with the extra push the wind provides, giving you a chance to get closer to the green and make a birdie.

  • Another way in which the wind will help you is it will act as a “buffer”. Let’s say the wind is blowing strongly left-to-right on a par 4 hole. With the wind coming from the left, you can aim towards the left side of the fairway and swing confidently knowing the wind will bring it towards the middle or the right-hand side of the fairway. You can eliminate the fear of the ball going left.

  • Into the wind, realize the ball is going to fly shorter distances and have a tendency of “ballooning” into the air (losing even more distance). To offset this, take one or two more clubs and take a shorter swing. Taking more club does two things. It makes you swing smoother and it will create more of shallower approach into the ball, lessening the chance of a ballooning ball.