curve your shot to hit straight fairway

When teeing off on a straightaway hole, the natural inclination is to line up in the middle of the tee to play a straight shot. But if you aim directly for the center of the fairway, you decrease your chances of hitting it.

Fact: Nearly every golf shot, especially those hit with a driver, has some amount of curve. Therefore, if you aim down the middle and hit a fade (rightward curve for a right-handed golfer), the ball will finish right of the target – potentially in trouble such as a hazard or rough.

Your best bet is to account for your usual shot shape from the start. If you tend to fade the ball, line up down the left-hand side of the fairway. Do the opposite if you expect a right-to-left ball flight (draw).

Another good tactic is to tee the ball up on the side of the tee to which your ball curves. For example, if you plan to hit a fade, tee off from the right side while aiming left. This effectively widens the space in which you can safely turn the ball and still find the fairway.