While making a good full swing requires transferring weight from the left (front) foot to the right foot going back, the shorter, simpler chipping motion does not. Yet some golfers either set up to chip with too much weight on their right side or slide to the right during the swing. The result is typically a thin or fat shot.

This drill will teach and ingrain the proper weight distribution for effective chipping:

    heel chipping 1

  1. Address the ball with your feet just a few inches apart and the ball in the center of your stance.
  2. heel chipping 2

  3. Place 60% of your weight on the left foot.
  4. heel chipping 3

  5. Drop your right foot back with the heel off the ground and only the toe touching the turf. You may feel more weight tilt onto your left side.
  6. heel chipping 4

  7. Chip the ball while keeping the right heel up and the weight on your left.
  8. That’s the feeling you want when chipping with both feet on the ground. With a little practice, you’ll hit chips more solidly and eliminate those scooped shots. If necessary, you can even chip with your heel up on the course – it’s well within the rules.