Golf Pre Shot Preparation 1

The preparation before the golf shot is vital. It is the way a player can get into the same state of mind for every golf shot.

Creating and sticking to a pre-shot routine can be critical when it comes to playing good golf shots under pressure.

A good pre-shot routine must help the player build confidence, practice, visualize, feel the shot and execute the shot without hesitation.

Think box - The think box should be next to your bag and about 10 feet behind the ball. This section is be used to make all the decisions about the golf shot, including information about the distance, wind, club selection, target, safety play and aim.

Feel box - Once you have made all your decisions in the think box, step forward with your game plan well and truly ready into the feel box. In this box, it is all about the swing. Have a few practice swings to get used to the shot you are about to play. Whilst also in this box, start to visualize the shot you are about to play, by picturing the golf shot in great detail including the flight, the height, the shape, how it will react on the green and where the golf ball will finish. Picture the golf ball going in the hole as this will help build confidence for the golf shot ahead.

Play box - Once you have made your decisions, visualized the shot, practiced the shot and you are 100% confident, step into the final box, the play box. In this box nothing happens apart from the action. Set up to the golf ball and take one last look at the hole, picturing the perfect golf shot. Execute with 100% confidence and believe you have made the correct preparation before the shot.

Top tip - You need to make a pre-shot routine that works for you and is tailored to your needs. You need to practice it on the range before taking it to the golf course. Become comfortable with it before executing it on the golf course. When you do trust it then use it every single time.

It will help you when you are under pressure.