how to hit more fairways with driver 1

    With the driver in hand, it’s tempting to wail away and try to hit the ball as far as possible.

    Tempting, but not wise, since an extra-hard swing is likely to send the ball into unfavorable territory.

    Not only that, but the harder you swing, the less likely you are to make solid contact. The result: shorter drives.

    Try these tricks to hit more fairways, and maybe increase your driving distance, too:

    how to hit more fairways with driver 2

    Swing the driver like a wedge: How hard do you swing when hitting a wedge? Probably a lot easier than you do with a driver. Emulate your wedge tempo with the big stick and you’ll swing with better balance, equaling straighter shots.

    Choke up: When gripping the driver, leave at least an inch, if not two, between the top of the grip and your top hand. This effectively shortens the club, making it easier to control.

    Tee the ball lower: While it’s recommended to tee the ball high to maximize distance, teeing it down is a good tactic when control escapes you. Stick the tee in to where the top of the ball lines up with the top of the club, or slightly higher. The ball will fly lower and curve less.

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