Offset Driver Turns Short Shots into Long Draws A

    You may have dismissed the idea of getting a driver with an offset hosel because you’re not prone to slicing. But guess what?

    When it comes to adding distance, little offset can go a long way.

    Offset clubs are designed to give golfers an extra split second to rotate the clubface into a square position at impact, which makes them a great anti-slice weapon. But players who hit the ball straight or with a small fade (a left-to-right shot for a right-hander) often find that offset helps them draw the ball. And everyone knows a draw (right-to-left) flies a little lower and rolls a little farther than a fade.

    If you’re looking for a little yardage boost, or just want a driver you can draw, consider a club with offset.

    Thomas Golf’s lineup of premium custom clubs includes the AT460 TO Driver, which features a small amount of offset and just might do the trick – without giving you a bad case of the hooks.