Dial Back with Driver to Get Ball in Play - Golf Tip

    Golfers are obsessed with distance off the tee, always searching for the secret swing key or hot new club that will add yards to their drives. But there are times when accuracy is paramount, and the driver is a better option than a shorter club.

    When facing a tight hole lined with hazards or thick rough, most wise golfers will reach for a fairway wood, hybrid or iron for that added measure of accuracy. But what if you need to hit the ball a little farther than those clubs allow – to reach the corner of a dogleg, for example, or to hit the ball as close as possible to a crossing hazard without going too far?

    That’s when you should approach the driver the way a tennis player hits a second serve. Take a little something off it, sacrificing a little distance for accuracy. Follow these steps:

  • Tee the ball lower than usual: The top of the ball should be level or slightly above the top of the clubface.

  • Grip down an inch or two: This shortens the shaft and gives you better control over the club.

  • Play the ball back in your stance: If your normal ball position is off the left heel, play it an inch or two right, toward the middle of your stance.

  • Make a smooth, abbreviated swing: Because you’ve gripped down, your backswing will be a little shorter than usual. You’re not looking to overpower the ball, so swing easy and make a three-quarters follow-through.
  • The ball will fly a little lower than normal and may roll a bit more, too, so expect a total distance of 80-90 percent compared with your average tee shot.

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