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Every pro golfer has a personal swing guru at his beck and call, ready to fix any problem at a moment's notice.

Now, so do you.

Golf-Info-Guide.com puts custom-tailored instruction at your fingertips with our Personalized PGA Golf Video Online Lesson feature. Just answer a few basic questions and in a matter of seconds, video tips from a professional golf teacher will pop into your inbox.

Here's how it works:

  • On the first screen, you'll identify where you'd like help: Swing Faults, Swing Improvements, Setup and Address, Short Game or Mental Side.
  • Screen 2 will present a menu of options based on your screen 1 selection. For example, say you chose Swing Faults to begin. Now pick your specific ailment: Slice, Hook, Pull, Push and so on.
  • On the third screen, you'll be prompted to choose the best description of your issue. For example, "I'm a new golfer with a slice," or, "I'm looking for a good drill to work on my hook problem."
  • The next screen lets you continue by choosing another topic from the original menu, or end the process and receive your tips.
  • Once finished, just enter your name, gender, age, hand (right or left) and email address. Within seconds, we'll send you a link to a page with one or more video lessons specifically geared to your needs.

How cool is that?

If there's anything at all wrong with your swing or stroke - and isn't there always something? - the Personalized PGA Golf Video Online Lesson tool will instantly locate a solution within our vast library of tips. The same applies if your game is hunky-dory and you just want to sharpen the skills.

Need a cure for the shanks? We've got it.

Fat shots driving you mad? Consider them gone.

Looking for a few extra yards off the tee? They're only a few clicks away.

Just like a coach to the stars, the Personalized PGA Golf Video Online Lesson service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Use it after a frustrating round or before a practice session. Dial it up when you need some pre-tournament fine-tuning or when a reliable part of your game suddenly goes missing.

Like all content at Golf-Info-Guide.com, this easy-to-use service is absolutely FREE. Try finding another swing guru who will work for that wage.