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Video Transcript

So let's have a look about how you can actually keep your takeaway long and slow because you can a good idea about what you want to do but then when you are in a bit of a pressured situation how do you then kind of translate that from the practice range to the course. How do you know that your take away is staying nice and long and slow? Now there's a bit of a simple kind of a pre-shot routine that you can actually use to try and address this. And to try actually to get you a little bit more comfortable with this as well.

Super, super simple to do and it also will help alleviate pressure on the course. So let’s say I stood over this shot, I've already gone through my pre-shot routine. I've stood over this shot going straight down the fairway. I've been practicing my long slow take away and I want to make sure that I actually nail it when I am swinging as well. So what I'm going to do is I am going to get settled and I am just going to have a little bit of a rehearsal.

And as you saw from the first video I am just going to do a little bit of a one count. So I'm in this position and I am taking away and in my head I am just saying, “One, one.” That type of pace just another couple of practice swings just mimicking that pace and then I'm going to let it go.

And just try and actually continue to have that same technique, that same pace as I take it away. The body and the brain loves to repeat motions. So if you're just before you're playing your shot and you are a little bit nervous and you're not quite sure about if the pace of your swing is correct, just take a minute and just do some of those repeated practice swings. I can guarantee that if you do a few of those rehearsal drills when you actually come to swing, your back swing takeaway, will be as long and slow as you want it to be. Just take those rehearsals, give it a go under the golf.