Video Series

Video Transcript

A little 40 to 50 yard little pitch shot there is probably one of the most difficult shots in golf, as a golf coach to try and teach to somebody. And it’s that one of these sort of partial shots, it’s not a chip, it’s not a bump and run, but it’s also not a full shot, and it’s a shot that a lot of golfers will come to me and say, “Pete, how do I hit these better, this 40 to 50 yard pitch, I am struggling, I am not taking advantage of it.” And it’s not that they are not hitting the ball as they want, they are not hitting the ball the right distance and that’s the biggest priority. Because if we have a longer shot, let’s say we have got an 80 yard shot that’s probably going to be a full sand wedge or a full lob wedge. And if we go 90 yards, well it’s just another full shot but the next club up, on a 100 yard same swing, different club. And as we go through the back 150, even 200 yards it’s the same swing, big stance, big full swing, big full commitment and the club will change the distance.

But if you have got a full swing with your shortest iron, let’s say that’s a lob wedge. And that ball goes 70 to 80 yards. Then I now don’t have a club that can do that 40 to 50 yards shot for me. So I have to manufacture something myself, I can’t just pull the sand wedge and hit it, it’s going to go too far. I have to then change that shot. And it’s that shot is going to be very difficult for some club golfers to get right. And it’s very difficult for me to coach it because, what my feeling of a half shot is not necessarily the same as your feeling of a half shot.

My feeling of a slowdown a little bit in the back swing and then accelerate through the ball might not feel the same as yours when I say, okay, hit it 5 out of 10, you might hit it too far. Then I would say, okay hit it 3 after then you hit it too short, 4 out of 10, we are never going to quite get the power right. So it comes a lot more down to a golfer’s feel.

So in this next little miniseries of videos we are going to look how we can best strike and control the distance on those 40 to 50 yard, very important, very crucial pitch shots on the golf course.