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How can I use the Thomas Golf Alignment Guide to check positions in my golf swing follow-through? Now the Thomas Golf Alignment Guide is a patented piece of technology that you see on Thomas golf clubs where this line is set into a slightly flattened part of the crown and it can help you align its address but also to check key positions throughout the swing both the backswing and the through swing. Now to check key positions on the through swing using the Thomas golf actual alignment guide you can use this line which runs over the top to actually check if you’ve released the club, if you are extending the club correctly, and also just the club face position at the point of impact and beyond.

Now the point of impact you won’t be lying on the top of the Thomas clubs would be pretty much pointing down at your target it goes along the target line going through the ball, and traces all the way down to your target. As you actually go through impact that line and the club face should rotate and as you approach the position of the swing where the shaft is kind of parallel with the ground that line rather than facing down towards your target is now rotated as the swing is moved on the inside and is now pointing out behind me.

From this point on I know that the club face is rotated correctly through impact and it is released correctly through the shot and I can just turn up with confidence through a nice full follow through position. So with address my line on the top of my club is pointing down my target line, I want to return it there at impact, and then get the feeling that the line is pointing out behind me after I’ve struck the shot. And I know if it gets into that position I will release the club face quite comfortably through impact. So if you are struggling with the follow-through you can use the Thomas Golf Alignment Guide to actually make sure the positions are correct and you will hit better shots.