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A valuable part of making sure that you’ve got the right set-up when you’re using a driver is to use the correct height of tee. You got a tee-peg in your pocket you can push it into the ground at any height. Now it’s important that we get the right height , but also the right consistent height so sometimes we can use what we class as little casualties that have a little flange on the bottom and they will only go into the ground after set level sometimes that is quite useful to make sure you get consistent levels. The important thing we get now is the right size, the right height, if you’re on the driving range and practicing, it’s worthwhile finding the right size to input in under the mark to the start if you practice session rather than hunting round for one or worse than that, doing with the, practicing with the wrong size, the wrong height ‘cause you’ll land without your swing in the wrong fraction. The path height we want to see when we are setting you up to the golf ball is to have about half of the ball above the top of the golf club. So we have it around about here.

If it’s too much of the golf ball above the top of the club we would sky that, we would go underneath it, it could leave a nasty mark on top of your club and you’d see the ball that flies very high but not very far. Likewise a ball that’s teed up too low on the club phase isn’t really going to be impacted on the switch ball, it’s going to hit very low on the club phase resulting in low shots often lack distance. So that, set three tees up here while it’s similar on a different height so, the first one I think is the right height for me, I will be using this one, and then too high and really too high. You see a lot of goal is on the core of trying and play off the highest tee but if they cannot really swipe up on the ball and scoop it up see that, that doesn’t really work for me, I’d rather you play with a tip exit sitting half the ball just above of the top of the club. So when you swap one of this underneath your mat on the driving range make sure it sits up the right level. If you change them to an iron club or a hybrid club or even a three wood, you might have to go ahead and change the height of the tee again. When you’re on the golf course tee it up, slide the club in behind the ball, just make sure it sits at the right level get used to swing half the ball above the top of the club and then you know you got the driver teed up at the right height.