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To get the maximum amount of power that you need throughout the golf swing every single muscle in your body needs to be firing correctly. If there is an imbalance, if there is a weakness, the golf swing will find it and you won’t be able to make some of the moves you need to. Now one overlooked area that does need to be worked with the shoulder muscles and the deltoid, using resistance band is a great way that you can build and exercising to your golf training routine to really start to strengthen those areas, very simple to do with the resistance band. Well you need a resistance band, two handles which should come included within the resistance band if you get them. Standing on the resistance band, so there is resistance already starting to be built within the hands, taking the resistance bands outside to the arms and then straight just out, at a slight angle away from the body and then the shoulder raises just to engage those muscles, all we need to be doing is to bringing the arms up just about so they are just short parallel to the ground then back down keeping the back nice and straight as well, you don’t want to be kind of hunching over when you are doing this, keeping the back nice and straight, raising up, holding it for a moment and then relaxing down. So you can start to incorporate this into your golf fitness routine along with other exercises you can see on this website and it will really give you a very really good balance throughout your routine and throughout your swing.