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When striking the golf ball, the arms play a major role in actually delivering the power to the actual shot, especially when you are in to fly, when you are digging the ball out of a rough or a bad lie in the sand, you need your arm strength to really lift the ball up and out of these bad lies. Now a key ingredient is having the most kind of balanced and the most strength in the arms is working the shoulders, now this is an exercise using resistance bands, you can work into your overall routine and it’s a great way to really identify the deltoid and to really strengthen them very, very quickly. Now using a resistance band with two handles, all you need to do for this exercise is taking a half knelt position, left knee down the ground to begin with, right knee down on to the top of the resistance band.

Now you need to make sure that this resistance band is bound in the middle of the foot and both the toe and the heel are bound because there is going to be a lot of pressure moving upwards and you don’t want those resistance bands to flick out. So take the resistance bands in the side of the hands like this, right knee nice and straight, left knee down, back nice and straight, hook the resistance bands behind the elbows and then lift up to the sky, hold it for a moment, then relax back down, hold it back up, hold it for a moment again and then relax back down, when you are doing this, you just pretend to just pump up in there very, very quickly, if you can hold it for a moment, is going to engage the muscles for longer then if you relax it back down, its not going to be with as quite much strain on those muscles either. So that’s a dead simple way to use your deltoids to really power the arms, obviously swap that exercise around between the feet and between the arms so you get a good bounce as well.