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One of the most common ball flight problems that we see is a slice. Now if you play golf for any period of time or if you're just beginning you’ve probably come across this shot it’s the one which is such a pain to see actually fly through the air and it’s something that you see every in every golf course in every country in every part of the world it’s a – it’s an infection that’s spread throughout the globe and one which hopefully we can try a bit by bit to get rid of. If you're afflicted with this it’s a very common ball flight to see especially for the left handed golfers you’ll start coming over the top, the ball will start out to the right hand side of the target before curving left in the air and then finishing well left to the target. It’s something which is most common as you kind of get a bit lower with the loft so something you see the most common with the driver because it’s not a lot of lock, there's not a lot of backspin to actually help kind of cut out on the side spin as it goes through the air.

Now one way you can… it’s almost like a quick fix but it’s something which you could apply to your game which you should see instant results of. It’s just to actually alter your grip to something a little bit stronger. Now most golf coaches and most players will benefit from a neutral grip. So on the right hand you want to be seeing something like a two and half knuckles and on the left hand you just want to be seeing about one and a half knuckles with both these created by the thumbs pointing up towards the left shoulder. Now with a stronger grip that changes slightly. The top hand you can kind of get that a little bit more on top this is a very strong grip, I won’t recommend this and then with the bottom one you want to be getting that right underneath as well.

This is probably the strongest grip you’re likely to see a player have. Now the problem with this and the problem with a strong grip generally is actually coming to impact the palms want to come face themselves and as you could see with the club face here if I get my palms to face themselves the club face shoots down and points well to the right of the target. Now with a slice because of the swing path is from out to when cutting across yourself and the club face being open with a slightly stronger grip you can actually neutralize the effects slightly. So what I suggest I wouldn’t suggest having a massive change or a very, very strong grip. I've probably just strengthened the top hand very slightly.

So as you look down just onto your right hand, just have the impression that you're seeing three and a half knuckles; that I believe will point over here so just to the other side of the left shoulder here. Now with the right hand try and keep that pointed at the left shoulder as well and then as you approach the ball you’ll be coming slightly out so even if you're a slicer but because of the stronger grip on the left hand you should rotate to a little bit more of a kind of square or a club face for you at impact. So not much of a slice on that at all. But give that a go, try and apply that to your game and I'm sure you will soon see that slice just start to come in a little bit more and hopefully find a few more fairways and a few more grays