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Video Transcript

One of the ways that the top players and the – kind of the people hit the ball fast creates so much power, is to have a very wide takeaway, and a very wide swing. Now width and the swing in its most basic terms, means the farthest you can actually get the club head, away from the body during the back swing. The people, who get their match in width and the most consistent width, manage to get the club travelling a long way away from the body, all the way to the top, and then creating width by pushing the hands a little bit farther away from the head. This amount of width is something you see in all the very best players, not only the farthest players but also the best ball strikers as well.

Now to create loss of width through, a number of different ways you can actually practice or a number of different drills you can use. I’m just going to give you a couple today, just so you can take away and try and implement those into your game. The first thing to do is take a nice solid driver set up the ball, just inside the left heel. Nice wide stands at a very strong posture. As you take the club away, you can pop a ball, just a little bit back about 2, 3, foot back from the ball. Take the club away and try and push that ball away if at all possible. If you start to see that you come up and over the ball that means you probably not going to get the amount of widths that you need in the first part of the actual backswing. So as you are on the ball, take it low in a way try and connect with that ball, push it back off the mat and then carry on that backswing and it will come really, really wide.

If you don’t have access to a ball or you want kind of use on the course, the easiest way to do it, is just use kind of a little slow process before you hit the ball, just think low and wide. By low it means keeping the club as low to the ground as possible. So imagine that ball was there still low to the ground and then once you kind of got to go low to the ground, you stand wide pushing those hands away and again into a very wide position here. The wider you can turn, the more overall power will be out to create. So I just have to go a really low, long and wide takeaway. And the more width you can create on the backswing, the more potential power you have to drive through the ball. So, get out on the driving range, get out on the course, and hopefully you’ll start to see a little bit more power and a little bit more distance being generated on your drives.